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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Free iPhone! How to get a 100% free iPhone from Apple!

How do you get a free iPhone?

It's easy to get a free iPhone! I'm going to tell you how I got my prize so that you can get a free iPhone too! I received my free iPhone from the Transcendent Innovations Network. This system has been proven legitimate by NBC and CNN!

Getting a free iPhone is simple if you follow the method that I used (I received my prize in about a week after ordering!) so read on to find out how to get your free iPhone!

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How does the free iPhone system work? How do I know that this isn't a scam?

If you aren't familiar with how legitimate freebie sites work, I suggest you read this freebie info page which explains everything.

The free iPhone system has been proven legitimate, but don't take our word for it! Check out this Freebie Proof page, or take a look at the Transcendent Innovations Testimonials page, or just scroll down the page for a picture of the free prizes I've received from this company!

Still have more questions? Post a comment below and I will personally answer it for you, and help you out in any way that I can!

3 simple steps to get your free iPhone

These are the steps I followed to get my free iPhone ~ if you just follow these directions you will get a free iPhone too!

Step One : Signup for your free iPhone from one of these links

Get a Free iPhone from Transcendent Innovations (US & Canada)

We recommend these sites because they have been TESTED and PROVEN to work.

Just click on the link and sign up with a valid email address (make sure to use a valid email so that you can verify your account to get your free iPhone).

These are legitimate businesses which will NOT sell your info (we've tested this!). However, you can create a real email address at GMail or Hotmail to track your account if you like.

Some sites let you have choice between a "points" or "referral" account. The referral method is the easiest, but if you don't want to have to refer friends, choose "points".


If you try to scam the company in any way, or cheat the system, you will NOT get your free iPhone, so read these rules to make sure that you do everything correctly. If you follow the rules you are guaranteed to receive your free iPhone.

~ Only one account per household, so don't let your friends or family members sign up from your computer!
~ Don't use fake information on the freebie site or on the "offer" site (these free iPhone sites are legitimate and will check for fraud).
~ Don't try to sign up under yourself, or create "fake" referrals. You will get caught and lose your free iPhone account!
~ You may only try each offer once.
~ Avoid letting other people log into their accounts on your computer.

If you have other questions about the signup process, and freebie site tips, read the free iPhone Freebie FAQ.

Getting a free iPhone is easy enough without trying to beat the system in some way, and risk losing out on your prize. Don't do it!

Step Two : Complete one offer

Don't worry, this part isn't difficult or costly. In fact, you can usually complete your offer for less than $5, or even for FREE!

You must complete an offer to receive your free iPhone, so don't skip this step! We recommend doing your offer first so that it's out of the way, and so that you know how it works for when you start referring people. Find out why you need to complete an offer here.

How to complete an offer

Simply log into your account at the free iPhone site and click where it says "offers". Take a look at the offers and pick whichever one you like best.

Most offers are free, but some have a shipping cost, which is usually about $5, and almost always less than $10. Here is a list of some of the offers available on these sites. Take a look at all the offers on the site and choose the one you like the best! - FREE TRIAL includes $5 free stamps
Video Professor - FREE TRIAL only pay $6 shipping - $9.99 trial, unlimited DVD rentals
RisingStar - FREE TRIAL of educational materials
eAuctionTutor - FREE TRIAL only pay $4.95 shipping
Gamefly - $9.95 to play video games online
Acculotto - sign up for a free guide to winning the lottery - join free and buy one product (I tried this offer and bought a nice ring for $5)
Columbia House DVD - get 5 DVDs for $0.49
Five Factor Diet - get five FREE diet tips
Google Home Business Kit - try the FREE TRIAL
Primus Canada - sign up for VOIP - try the FREE TRIAL

Remember to take a look through all the offers and pick one which you like! There are new great offers being added all the time.

Some tips for completing your offer

The following tips will ensure that you get "credit" for completing your offer.

1) Use Internet Explorer. Clear your cookies, then login to your freebie account and complete the offer. We recommend allowing cookies and disabling any pop-up blockers so that the freebie site can track that you completed the offer and give you credit for it.

2) Read through the Terms and Conditions of your offer. It's a good idea to print them out, or copy them into a text file so that you can check them later.

3) Make a note of which offer you did, so that you don't accidently do the same offer twice.

4) If you receive a confirmation email from the offer, keep it in case for some reason you don't automatically get your offer completion credited to your free iPhone account (this only happens very rarely).

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Step Three : Refer some friends

Once you've completed your offer, you should refer some friends so that you can claim your free iPhone! Login to your free iPhone account to find your "referral link" which is a unique web address linking to YOUR free iPhone account. Anyone who signs up for a free iPhone through your referral link will be one of your referrals!

Easy ways to get referrals

Here are some easy ways to get referrals to receive your free iPhone.

1) Ask your friends and family. So long as you don't live in the same household, your friends and family members can get a free iPhone too! Just make sure that they sign up from their own computers (not yours, and not from a public network, so that no-one gets accused of having "multiple accounts"). This is probably the easiest way to get referrals, just think of all the people you know!

2) Ask your online buddies. You probably know lots of people who would like to get a free iPhone! Give your referral link to your MSN friends, and make sure that you explain how it works (or tell them about this blog).

3) Add your link to your email signature.

4) Post your link in forums, or in forum signatures. Make sure that the forum allows links!

5) Put your referral link in your blog, MySpace, or Facebook.

6) Create flyers or posters and put them up around school/town (this has worked well for a lot of people).

7) Create a blog like this one!

Remember that it's easier to show people that this is real if you know how it works, so make sure that you complete your offer! That way, you can tell your referrals about it.


That's it! If you've followed the steps above, like I did, your free iPhone is on its way! When you have all your referrals, just submit your order, and if you didn't try to cheat in any way, you are GUARANTEED to receive a free iPhone like me!

Your free iPhone will be shipped straight to your door, free of charge. Shipping usually only takes about 3-5 days.

Enjoy your free iPhone, give it as a gift, or sell it for cold hard cash, it's your choice!

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions, or need any help whatsoever in getting your free iPhone please don't hesitate to ask! I guarantee that this really works and I'm here to help you get your free iPhone! Scroll down and leave a comment if you need any help.

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